Dawson Hammes Shows Determination and Grit at Silver Dollar Speedway

The Voodue 55D sprint car driven by Dawson Hammes (@dawson_hammes55d) closed out the season in true grit style pushing hard to the end last Friday night, September 10th. The race team is managed by Hammes Motorsports (@hammes_motorsports). 

Dawson managed to pull out a top 10 finish in the C Main event and further advancing to the B main at the Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, CA where he later went through 20 gallons of fuel on his last race! View results here: https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/6281621\

This is the close of the season for Hammes Motorsports and they had achieved their goal for this year by racing in the Platinum Cup Night #3 B Event. We will keep you updated with the offseason progress in excitement for next season!

Other sponsors for Hammes Motorsports are: Movement Brewing (@movementbrewing), Burbank Insurance, Straight Up Performance, Ace Attorney Service, Ellyson Chiropractic, Harper Inc, All About Fire

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