Forge Your Own Path - with Perry Cloud

In April this year, I found myself in a deep reflection after parting ways with my old job. It was the type of job that everyone hears about (and some are doing). Out of respect, I am not going into the details because they are listed on my profile. Unfortunately, I was chasing the money instead of a work-life balance. 

My last day of work was a Friday. I was driving home and noticed my neighbors outside having a beer. These people had lived down the street from me for the past year and I had never met them because I was so engrossed in work. I went and introduced myself and they turned out to be some awesome people! 

Also, that day, because I had allowed myself to get so out of shape, I signed up for the gym. This was long overdue. One of the neighbors said they would as well so we can help each other and hold each other accountable. 

He ended up being the founder of Voodue Company and a true visionary. After a month or so of working out, what seemed to be daily, we formed a bond and he and his business partner brought me on board to help launch Voodue to the next level. Vidal Garcia, hats off to you (Founder, CEO, gym partner, and spotter in the picture) and Rudy Sanchez, thank you for bringing me on to be a part of a great team and experience! 

I have since lost 6% body fat, reduced blood pressure and resting heart rate, can lift serious weight, improved cardio, and... believe it or not, improved mental acuity to contribute to helping others become the best version of themselves @vooduecompany. 

Voodue is a lifestyle that is made for people that go outside their comfort zones in pursuit of the life they want to live. Or, as we like to say, “ordinary people doing extraordinary things!” #thevooduelife #duespaid #vooduecompany. Forge Your Own Path. 

We are on our journey and welcome you to join us! Follow our LinkedIn, check out our website at, follow us and share on IG or FB @vooduecompany. We have some sweet gear too! 😉