Forge Your Own Path with Voodue VP - Rudy Sanchez

In late 2018, I was at a crossroads in life. Working two jobs (one during the day and the other overnight) to support my family. I had two very young kids and was the sole provider. I did not want their lives to suffer or miss out on a life that I felt they deserved. The problem I was having was that while giving them this life, I was sacrificing my goals and memories with them.

I was an MMA fighter and Jiu Jitsu practitioner who loved to compete. I also loved spending time with my kids. But, working as a business banker by day and an audit clerk by night did not allow me to do any of that. At the end of 2018, I was given a golden opportunity that I did not want to pass up. I had a colleague at the bank that I worked with who knew my story and knew how badly I wished things were different.  He knew that I often had to get dressed for work in my truck as I had to sleep in my vehicle between jobs from time to time. I left the graveyard position to pick up a pizza delivery job because it was easier on me mentally.

One day after a meeting, my colleague stopped me before getting in my truck and told me that he loved how much I was willing to sacrifice for my kids. He shared with me that he was going to be starting a company and he wanted to bring somebody on as a partner with that kind of determination. I had never been given this type of opportunity and told him yes immediately without knowing any of the details. We had our first meeting at a pizza parlor, and he told me that he was very serious about this journey and was going all in with it.  He was looking for my commitment. I saw how determined he was and said that I was ready to go to war with him. I took a risk and quit my second job so that I was able to focus solely on the company. This meant that my income would take a hit. In the week to follow, Voodue Company was born.

This has been an amazing journey as I am training and working out again, have plans to compete again, and have an amazing family life. Voodue Company has given me a different outlook on life and has helped me do things I never thought I would have the time to do. It helped me eliminate excuses so that I can go after the life I want for myself and my family. “Forge Your Own Path” is a phrase that I live by and I welcome you all to do the same.

Thank you, Vidal Garcia, for allowing me to start this journey. You are one of the smartest individuals I know. Thank you, Perry Cloud, for joining our team and helping to take it to the next level. Three ordinary men doing extraordinary things. Join our journey and follow us on LinkedIn, check out our website at, follow us and share on IG or FB @vooduecompany. #thevooduelife #duespaid #forgeyourownpath