Voodue - Behind the Brand

We feel it is important for people to understand what Voodue Company represents and why it was founded. In this article, we will go behind the brand more in depth to help others understand the meaning and origination. 

Ever get stuck in a routine where you seem to be doing the same things every day then one day realize you have become complacent? Ever worked somewhere that sucks the life out of you then you reflect and ask yourself why you put up with it for such a long time? These are some of the examples that sparked Voodue originally. You see, Voodue is about paying your “dues” by working hard while continuously becoming the best version of yourself. The company motto of “Forge Your Own Path” represents one's cognitive thought process during their journey to achieve this.  

In the creation of Voodue, there are several meanings behind the brand logo. Typically, most view the VC logo and think the “C” is a “D”. The “C” was strategically placed backwards to symbolize our unorthodox spirit and approach to life – to step against the grain and think beyond traditional boundaries. Turn the VC logo upside down and it appears to be a “CA”, which is the origination state. Look in the mirror and the logo displays “CV” which stands for Central Valley, the more precise location in California where the brand was founded.  

There is one more creative design to the brand, the roman numeral VIII, or 8. This represents infinity, success, and to have no boundaries or limitations. It circles back to the reasoning behind the brand, to become the best version of ourselves. In becoming the best version of ourselves it is important to understand that we are not all the same and come from different walks of life. Everyone consciously or subconsciously has a drive to do great things and has visions at some point in life on who they want to be. Many don’t put those thoughts at the forefront of their mind on a daily basis and live their life towards it. Voodue is that reminder, similar to a tattoo that someone gets that has meaning. 

I hope this content gives a better understanding behind the brand and encourages you to become the best version of yourself and Forge Your Own Path if you are not already. We hope you join us in this journey of continuous improvement of self and community. Be Voodue! @vooduecompany #thevooduelife #vooduecompany #forgeyourownpath #duespaid