Voodue Company is a multifunctional lifestyle brand that is bridging the gaps between fashion, lifestyle and performance. We are transcending the conventions of fashion, style, and industry on a mission to refine casual style with an upscale casual aesthetic, where fashion meets comfort.

Voodue is about forging your own path through life, being authentic and true to yourself while not being afraid to reach new heights. The best thing in life is our freedom to be who and what we want to be. We have woven this message and belief through out the entire brand.



We carefully curated our logo to represent who we are and where we came from. We strategically placed the letter "C" backwards to symbolize our unorthodox spirit and approach to life – to think beyond traditional boundaries and challenge conventional norms. Turn the VC logo upside down to see where we originate. California is home and where we draw our inspirations.